Signature Foot Therapy Session

Focusing solely on the foot this session is a combination of hands-on, Yamuna Foot Fitness and waker’s, gait and body assessment - addressing specific foot issues.
        60min. $90
        1.5hr. $120
        Initial session is 1.5hr.


Experience the bliss or let’s get specific or we can mix it up, Mitzi’s signature massage is a mix of massage modalities to make your experience just the way your body needs.
        60min. $90
        1.5hr. $140

Body Rolling Hand’s-On Session

Designed by Yamuna as a signature treatment this treatment translates Body Rolling into a hands-on therapeutic session. In the YBR Hands on session the body part being released is molded around the ball as the practitioner applies traction. A dual release occurs.  The experience is an effective, deeply therapeutic unwinding that frees joint mobility and lengthens muscles to promote proper alignment.
        60min. $90
        1.5hr. $140

Face Rejuvenation

Known as the "natural facelift” this is a one hour treatment
using a small Yamuna ball on your face. Great for TMJ,
Hearing issues, stress, dysgeusia.
(taste bud issues for those in the wine industry)
            60min. $80

Head and Foot Treatment

1hr of head and foot connection and clarity. Spend this hour with 30 minutes on a 360 interior/exterior head and face massage (Great for TMJ, releasing stress and anti-aging affects), finish with 30min. with foot and toe aligning and blissfulness.
            60min. $90

Bliss Massage

Feeling like the world is hard enough and you just need to melt away? In the Ayurvedic style of Abhyanga massage, feel it all melt away with soothing oils and a calming touch.
            60min. $110

Manual Lymph Drainage

In the Vodder tradition, this therapeutic form of soft-tissue mobilization dramatically enhances lymph formation and promotes drainage within the superficial and deep systems of the lymph vascular network.Great for Detoxing/cleanses, pre and post surgery (especially cosmetic), PTSD,  Chronic Pain.
        60min. $120
        3 Sessions $300

In-Home Massage

      1hr. massage $150
      1.5hr. $200

Private In-Home Yamuna Sessions / Classes (up to 3 people)

        60min. $120
        1.5hr. $160


Having a special weekend and want to bring in something
that will make everyone in your group feel better,
great for any skill level and keeps your energy going
and learn something new.

Create with me a custom retreat schedule for your group
Possibilities can include any or all of the following; YBR head to toe, meditation and invocation, Hands on 30 min face rejuvenation
or footwork up to 4 people, crystal balancing and elixir specially
made for your group, and Brigitte’s Alive green protein juice.
Bring SOLEBODY RETREATS - FEEDING YOUR SOUL - to your next event.
       4hrs. $600