BodySchool Daytreat

Sat.     July 18th 10-5:30     $300


 BodySchool -   A  Daytreat poolside at a private Napa estate..Treat yourself to a day spent nourishing your body with focused breath work ,FootWork, Yamuna ball rolling, Meditation, nourishing raw superfoods (lunch and snacks included), essential oils and a splash in the pool! 

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— Jonathan L.
Feel lengthened, stronger, beginnings


Spend one hour working on the feet with the Yamuna Waker’s really getting into the details of opening the foot. Once the foot is nice and open, we will move up into the legs using the Yamuna Balls. This practice will help correct alignment, takes impact out of the muscles and bones from the femur down to the foot.



Wrap up your week with Teacher’s/Class Choice. (Knee’s, Hips, Shoulder’s, Foot) using Yamuna Foot Wakers and Yamuna Balls - In class you are given balls of various sizes, depending on what parts of the body we are working. Some balls allow for more detailed muscle and tissue work and other balls release tension to create relaxation and space from head to toe.